Tuesday, 15 October 2013

October GlossyBox

Welcome to the October GlossyBox.......

This month the theme is Dark Romance, however it came in the ordinary box rather than a decorated one. It doesn't really matter to me about the box design but a dark red version of the box would of suited the theme abit better than the pale pink one.

This was another good box for me as I will be giving all of the products a go, however I have read several reviews today where people have been really disappointed.

In my box I received:

- Me Me Me Cherub's Blush - Cheek & Lip tint
This is a full size product worth £5.50. I probably wont use this on my cheeks but it does add a nice bit of colour to my lips. I quite like the idea of lipstick but when wearing it I feel like it doesn't suit me so I'm hoping this will get me used to having some colour on my lips.

-Katy Perry Killer Queen fragrance
This comes in a sample spritzer bottle which is handy. The scent is very strong when first applied  but after a few minutes it calms down and is actually really nice. This is one of the nicer "celebrity" perfumes that I have smelt. It costs £29.50 for a 50ml bottle which is an affordable price. Sample worth approx. 88p.

-Monu Illuminating Primer
This is something I have hoped I would get to try. I don't generally wear foundation unless I'm on a night out so was hoping to test one of these that you can use either under foundation or on its own. It's not a full size sample but it's a very good 20ml one. It is quite a thick formula but once on your skin it does feel light. Sample is worth approx £9.98.

-Premae Multi-Vit Smoothie Serum
This is a lovely lemon scented serum for your face. Even though it's called a serum it is actually like a cream. A decent sized 20ml sample which is worth approx £9. Not really much I can say about this really but I will be happily using it as part of my skin care routine.

-Eva Cosmetics Mystic Diamond Argonoil
Basically this is a Morrocan oil type product. It doesn't really have a scent but is cheaper than morrocan oil at £22.70 for a 100ml bottle. The sample I have received is worth approx £1.36. I am quite happy to try new hair products to see whats out there so was quite pleased with this one. It is quite a thick sticky substance but it doesn't leave your hair looking greasy.

So..... unlike most I am happy with my box, it is worth about £26.72 so I am still getting my moneys worth!

Please visit my YouTube to see what the products look like :)

Friday, 4 October 2013

Color Club Canada Holographic Nail Polish Review

The above picture is of my nails painted with Color Club Canada's Holographic nail polish in "Harp on it". This one is actually one out of last years collection but I really wanted a silver one so this was the one for me. I added the nail gems on myself for an accent nail. I purchased the polish off eBay for about £9.99 inc p&p, you can also get nails gems off eBay for about £4. This is a gorgeous nail polish but it does need to be in a good light to be seen as holographic. I did wonder how it would come off because of the effect on it but I was pleasantly surprised as it came off really easily with normal nail polish remover :-). The polish is also quite opaque so I only used two coats, however you could probably get away with one good coat.

So all in all I am really chuffed with this polish. I love abit of sparkle :-)

Thanks for reading :-)