Sunday, 29 March 2015

Introducing Brie....

So part of the reason that my blog has been a bit quieter recently is because of this little madam......

This is Brie my Cockapoo puppy. She is nearly six months old. We have just completed puppy training with her using our local classes. She has done really well and is a bit too clever for her own good!!
A lot of people are quite negative about puppy classes but we have found them quite beneficial. We made a good start on training ourselves but have gained some great advice and training techniques from Beverley who runs the puppy classes.

Brie is a really chilled out pup and we have been really lucky with her. Before getting her I did a lot of research into which breed of dog would suit us best and a Cockapoo ticked all the boxes. They are known at the moment as "designer dogs" and also some people are very negative about them as they are a cross breed, but if you have ever come into contact with one you will know they are gorgeous dogs!

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Saturday, 21 March 2015

L.vida nail wraps review


I received some L.vida nail wraps in a beauty swap. I believe originally they were from a memebox. I apologise for the pics in this review, I wasn't originally going to review them so the pics were unfortunately an after thought.

The nail wraps in their packet look very appealing. The patterns are really different and funky.

I like the sizes of these wraps as they seem to suit the shape/size of my nails better than others I have used. They come with a protective film on each one which you remove and are easy to trim if need be.

There are clear instructions and pictures on the back of the packet and they come with a cute little nail file.

The wraps were easy to apply but once on the edges didn't want to stick and kept peeling back up. I was really disappointed as I loved the patterns on these.

The above picture was taken just after applying them, below was the next morning.

I decided to keep them on and ended up wearing them for a week. The edges seemed to sort themselves out after a couple of days. In general they lasted well and didn't start chipping until the end of the week. Usually my nails chip after a couple of days when I'm at work. I also had quite a few people comment on how nice they were.

I had no problem removing them, they peeled off easily and quickly leaving only a small bit of glue behind which was easily cleaned off using polish remover.

All in all abit of a varied review for me. They definitely have their pros and cons!

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George xx


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My Instagram Journey

I joined Instagram around August 2013. My account contains pictures of a variety of things from my nails to my artwork, my fashion to my everyday life experiences.

My first post was my first attempt at a water marble manicure. Not the best picture I could of chosen to post.......


I got just four likes for this post. I had no idea what I was doing and didn't have a clue about hashtags!

As I spent more time on there and did a bit of research I found what sort of things I should be hash tagging and simple ways of gaining new followers.

Luckily my likes improved as did my nail art.....

Slowly but surely I gained more followers and this resulted in many more likes for each of my posts. My most likes was from a picture of my nail polish collection which went from this.....

To this........

Here are a few pics of some of my other posts.

So after a fair bit of hard work and 617 posts I now have 701 followers and what I feel is quite a good, varied and interesting instagram account.

How have your Instagram journeys been?

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George xx