Tuesday, 27 January 2015

My First MeMe Box

So I have been pretty busy lately and therefore unfortunately my blog has been neglected.

Last year I purchased my first MeMe Box. I wanted a nail related beauty box so I chose their vivid pop box which is nails box number 3.

In the box came five polishes and four tubs of glitter. The polishes are by a brand called 'with shyan' which I haven't heard of before but they are in nice bottles and are a good formula.
I was really excited receiving this box, a, because I love getting parcels and b, because it's so nicely presented.
First I will show you the glitter pots. They are loose glitters in the colours of gold, silver, blue and black. They are quite good sized glitters too!


As there were five polishes I swatched one on each nail.....
All apart from one are very bright polishes. First is 'neon purple' which does look slightly more pinky in the picture.
I looked up the names of the polishes online which was quite a challenge as it is a Korean brand so I had to have google translate the website.
Next is 'Blue Violet'. This is the darkest of the five polishes.
'Pink lady' is a neon pink
'Red Grapefruit' despite the name is a neon peachy orange.
The last of the five polishes is 'Neon Green'. Probably my least favourite of the five and a little more opaque than the others.
Now all that remains is to decide on my next MeMe Box :)
Thanks for reading and thanks for staying loyal followers :)
George xx