Monday 22 June 2015

Sparkly Nails Chevron Stencils

Today I have some of these chevron stencils from Sparkly Nails to show you. I have been meaning to get something like this to help with my nail art for a while so was happy when I received some to review.

Chevron designs can be so fiddley when you are trying to cut your own tape into the right shape so these are great to use and don't break that bank at only £1.25 per pack.

They are really easy to apply especially if you use tweezers. Just make sure you let your first coat of polish dry before applying them. There are so many designs you can do with these stickers!

For my mani I used two fluorescent pinks. I can't wait to use these stencils to try out some more designs! A useful tip someone once told me is to remove the stickers while the second coat of polish is still wet, that way it won't pull off your design.

All you nail art fans should go check out Sparkly Nails website as there are loads of useful things on there to assist with your mani's :)

Thankyou for reading :)

George xx

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Violet Rose Polish - Crushings

Today I have another pretty polish from Violet Rose Polish. This one is called Crushings. It will be available soon in her Etsy shop :)

Crushings is a pretty sparkly glitter topper. It is hard to describe the exact colour as it is sort of a clear/white/silver mixture. I love how this has a holographic/iridescent quality to it. 

I couldn't decide what colour to put this on top of so in the end went for a pearl white.....
(Color Club - Heirloom Pearls)

and a silver.....
(Models Own - Silver Chrome)

It's really hard to capture it on camera but it makes your nails really sparkly without changing the base colour. It is a very subtle but effective topper. If you wanted a shimmer nail without colour it would be great on top of a clear polish. It is very versatile.

Go check out Violet Rose Polish's Etsy shop as she has some really pretty polishes and accessories on there. :)

Thanks for reading

George xx

Sunday 26 April 2015

Violet Rose Polish 'Spring Fling'

Today's polish I have to show you is another from Violet Rose Polish. It is from the spring collection and is called 'Spring Fling'.

Spring Fling is a pretty glitter topper. It is a mixture of small fine glitters, larger hexagon glitters, square glitters and strand glitters. These are in the colours of pink, purple, blue and yellow. The bottle also comes with a lovely purple flower ring.

I am a purple girl so I love this topper and ring! When swatching the polish I was pleasantly surprised by what colours I liked as a base. My initial thought was to try it on a lilac base so I used Seche 'Prim and Polished'.

The next base colour I tried was one from Rimmel's Rita Ora Collection called 'Lose Your Lingerie'. This is a lovely pale pink and really makes the yellow glitters pop.

The last base colour I tried was Revlon 'Sunshine Sparkle'. The topper looks so pretty on this base colour and is perfect for spring. I actually think this is my favourite look :)

I needed just two coats of Spring Fling and didn't need to do any fishing for glitters. I only experimented with these three base colours but it seems so versatile that I think it would go with other colours too! Find Spring Fling here!!

Thanks for reading :)

George xx

Saturday 18 April 2015

Violet Rose Polish - New Beginnings

Hi all!! Today I have a gorgeous polish to show you called 'New Beginnings' and is from Violet Rose Polish's Spring collection.

This polish is a lime green colour but not too powerful of a lime green. The second I saw this one I couldn't wait to try it which was strange as I'm not usually that into these sorts of greens. The glitter in this polish has a holographic shine to it and is just so glittery and sparkly. It has been particularly beautiful in the sunshine we have had recently! :)

As this is a glitter polish I mainly used it as a topper but I did swatch it on one nail on its own to show you...

You could get away with wearing it on its own but I prefer to put a base colour underneath. The colour I used was Sinful Colors 'Pistache'. The polish is lovely to apply and you only need a couple of coats!!

I have had lots of compliments when wearing this polish about how sparkly it is! I am totally in love with it! Here are a couple more pics, the top one is the hand with it swatched on its own on my thumb nail....

I found it quite hard to capture this one on camera so the pics are a mixture of ones taken on my camera and ones taken on my iphone. Here is my attempt of a sunshine shot...

This and many other gorgeous polish are available on Violet Rose Polish's Etsy. Just click here to go directly there!!

Stay tuned for another polish from Violet Rose Polish's Spring collection

Thanks for reading :)

George xx

Thursday 16 April 2015

The Mystery Of OPI Blue Chips

The other day I went into my local Factory Shop to have a look for some polish bargains. They sell good brands at low prices. If you have one near you go take a look!

On this visit I picked up an OPI which was a really pretty blue with sparkle in it called 'Blue Chips'.



You can't see in the pics but it has a holo look to it in the sunshine.

As most polish addicts do I keep a record of my polishes to avoid buying dupes and to count them easier. Yes I have that many polishes.

I like to see which collections polishes come from so when listing this one I had a quick google of it to see what came up.

I found several blogs which covered this subject. These were, and

So.... It turns out that OPI 'blue chips' is a re-release of 'the flowers are blue-ming' from the 2012 ulta collection, 'too haute to handle'. It is still an official OPI polish and isn't a fake, it seems that the ones they have left over from collections (the over stock) they re-release under new names.

Thanks for reading :)

George xx


Sunday 29 March 2015

Introducing Brie....

So part of the reason that my blog has been a bit quieter recently is because of this little madam......

This is Brie my Cockapoo puppy. She is nearly six months old. We have just completed puppy training with her using our local classes. She has done really well and is a bit too clever for her own good!!
A lot of people are quite negative about puppy classes but we have found them quite beneficial. We made a good start on training ourselves but have gained some great advice and training techniques from Beverley who runs the puppy classes.

Brie is a really chilled out pup and we have been really lucky with her. Before getting her I did a lot of research into which breed of dog would suit us best and a Cockapoo ticked all the boxes. They are known at the moment as "designer dogs" and also some people are very negative about them as they are a cross breed, but if you have ever come into contact with one you will know they are gorgeous dogs!

Thanks for reading


Saturday 21 March 2015

L.vida nail wraps review


I received some L.vida nail wraps in a beauty swap. I believe originally they were from a memebox. I apologise for the pics in this review, I wasn't originally going to review them so the pics were unfortunately an after thought.

The nail wraps in their packet look very appealing. The patterns are really different and funky.

I like the sizes of these wraps as they seem to suit the shape/size of my nails better than others I have used. They come with a protective film on each one which you remove and are easy to trim if need be.

There are clear instructions and pictures on the back of the packet and they come with a cute little nail file.

The wraps were easy to apply but once on the edges didn't want to stick and kept peeling back up. I was really disappointed as I loved the patterns on these.

The above picture was taken just after applying them, below was the next morning.

I decided to keep them on and ended up wearing them for a week. The edges seemed to sort themselves out after a couple of days. In general they lasted well and didn't start chipping until the end of the week. Usually my nails chip after a couple of days when I'm at work. I also had quite a few people comment on how nice they were.

I had no problem removing them, they peeled off easily and quickly leaving only a small bit of glue behind which was easily cleaned off using polish remover.

All in all abit of a varied review for me. They definitely have their pros and cons!

Thanks for reading.

George xx