Thursday, 22 August 2013

Review of my August 2013 GlossyBox, "High-flyers"

This was my second GlossyBox and I was again pleased with my products.

First up was an Emite Eyelash curler (worth approx. £20). This item more than paid for this months box. I haven't actually owned an Eyelash curler before so this was good and it's a good quality one. Product comes from Sweden.

Next was an Oceane make up remover pen. This is not available in the UK yet so is an exclusive product which is always nice. It comes from Brazil and the price is not known but I'm guessing it's worth around £10. This should come in handy for all those mascara mishaps :-)

My favourite product in my box was the Purity cleanser. My skin is sensitive so I have to be careful with what I use but this seems to be fine and it's definitely helped my skin clear up a little bit. Think I will definitely be investing in this product. This originates from the USA. The bottle size was 30ml so a good sample worth about £2.19.

In this box I had a Juicy Couture perfume sample from the USA. It is a tiny sample (approx. 95p worth) and the full size costs about £63 which is a bit pricey for me. However the sample is in a cute spray bottle and it does smell really nice, very fresh.

The last item was a Jelly Pong Pong eye liner/shadow crayon from the UK. Its a full size sample worth £10.50. I got a browny plum colour which suits me perfectly.

So yes all in all this was a good box :-) the overall cost of the box being around £44 so very good value for money!
Please feel free to leave your comments on which were you're favourite products from this month.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Review of July 2013's GlossyBox, "Seaside Splash"

So, this was my first ever GlossyBox!! I was very excited to receive my box and couldn't wait to see what was in it.
My first product was a Ciate paint pot nail polish. Its in the colour 'island hopping' which is a goldy reddy shimmery colour (nice technical explanation there from me). This is a really nice nail polish and I am really pleased it was in my box. I have visited the ciate website ( and was very impressed. The colours are gorgeous and I will definitely be purchasing more of them.
Second was a coconut scented dry shampoo. I was pleased with this item as I have never tried a dry shampoo before. It smells really nice so I look forward to trying it.

Next up was a bamboo style boho waves tousled texture mist by Alterna Haircare. My hair is naturally wavy so I gave this one a whirl after washing my hair. I let my hair dry naturally, it definitely added volume and did help to keep the waves in place. So quite a good product but I won't be using it regularly as I generally straighten my hair.

Fourth product was a Coola organic mineral face sunscreen. I haven't tried this on yet as I am saving it for when I'm either abroad or its hot here.

Last product was ILA SPA face oil. I'm not keen on the smell of this product but it does make your skin feel really soft and it's not too greasy. The only downfall is a full size product is £75!!

So all in all not a bad first box :-)
I worked out that the value of the box is £24.67. Not bad considering you pay £10 per month plus p&p. Two of the products were fullsize as well (nail polish and dry shampoo).

Sunday, 11 August 2013

I have enjoyed painting my nails since high school, over the years I have stored my nail polishes in several ways, baskets, boxes, make up bags etc.. Make up bags were the worst as one of my bottles smashed whilst in the bag and I ended up cutting my hand open on it (I have a scar). I have recently seen that people use nail racks (like in salons) in their homes! I looked for some online, the cheapest was around £30 but didn't hold enough bottles and the most expensive was around £60 (this one held more bottles). Instead of buying one I drew my wonderful dad a diagram and he made me one for around £25 (wood, etc..). I am really pleased as it looks great, as you can see by the pic below :-)

Sunday, 4 August 2013

I have a lot of people ask me about my hair colour! I always use Schwarzkopf live colours. I have tried several of their red and purple shades. At the moment I have Real Red on my hair and I have put their new semi-permanent red on to brighten it up that bit more. I also use their smoothie shampoo and conditioners (these are a bargain as you can get them for a pound a bottle from savers and are great for coloured hair)! I tend to always straighten my hair. I always put either Moroccan oil or Evo easy tiger smoothing fluid on my hair when its wet. when I have straightened my hair I like to put abit of SP satin polish on to keep it looking smooth :-)