Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Fugly Nails!

This week in a nails group on Facebook it is 'Ugly Polish Theme Week'. I think most polish lovers will of at some point bought a polish which they put on their nails and thought "yuck"!! These polishes usually get pushed to the back of a drawer but this week we have bought them all out to show off their ugliness :)

My choice of polish for this week is....China Glaze - Trendsetter!

I bought this polish at a carboot sale for £2. I kept picking it up and putting it down but there was something about the colour that made me want to try it!

When you look at it in the bottle there is a shimmer to it and it almost looked like a gold colour but once on my nails it lost the shimmer and was a mustard colour. Below is a pic with normal top coat applied.

I tried several ways to make it prettier. First is with some nail art....

This didn't really help. I also tried it with a matte top coat....

This looks slightly better than a glossy look. Finally I added a holographic glitter topcoat because lets face it, glitter makes everything pretty!

I found this look the most wearable but still felt they were a little ugly :)

What do you think??

Thanks for reading.

George xx

Friday, 25 April 2014

#roarforautismawareness 2014

This month I took part in an Instagram collaboration put together by @amcpolish. It is called Roar for Autism Awareness. All of us nail lovers involved created an animal print mani using the colour blue and then they were all put together in a collage (picture above). My design is to the right of the title. Here is a pic of it for you....

Thanks for reading

George xx

Thursday, 24 April 2014

China Glaze - Seahorsin' Around

WARNING - This post is pic heavy :) (but for a good reason)

Since I saw them I have wanted some of China Glaze's Sea goddess collection! In my Easter swap (which you can read about here) I received Seahorsin' Around. It is a beautiful shimmery, shiny, sparkly teal colour. There aren't enough words to describe just how lovely it is so here are some pics :)

Tried to get pics of it shimmering as best as I could :)

I included this polish in a mani which also include Rimmel's Breakfast in Bed from the Rita Ora collection and the konad stamping plate m64.

Thanks for reading

George xx

Monday, 21 April 2014

Bloggers Do Bargains Better!!

Welcome to the second post for #Bloggersdoitbetter!

This post's theme is Bargains!! If you have read any of my other posts you will know I'm a sucker for a bargain! This post is going to be a summary of where I have got my best bargains! Sorry if some of you feel I am repeating myself from previous posts but my audience is now bigger than before :)

My 3rd ever post was a quick review on polishes by a brand called LA Colors.

These polishes are just £1 each! BARGAIN!! They are a good formula and have a large variety of colours. They also do nail stripers as well as normal polishes. The stripers are perfect for simple nail art! LA Colors also do make up which I have tried and I am also impressed with (also just £1). There are a couple of shops local to me which sell LA Colors. They tend to be on sale in independent pharmacys and some supermarkets. If you do come across them you should definitely give them a whirl!

My next BARGAINs have been found at local Poundlands and Pound Worlds! They always sell lots of polishes (and make up) in clear bags. If you know what to look out for and don't mind having a rummage about you can get a good brand of polish for £1!!

The above polishes are just a few of what I have bought. 

The third place I have found great BARGAINs has been at a local carboot sale!

I got the above polishes (and several more :)) for £2 each from one of the make up stalls!!

TK Maxx is also another great place for BARGAIN polishes, make up and skin care products. See a short review here.

Thanks for reading.

If you have a great place for bargains please let me know :)

George xx

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Swap #2

The second Easter Swap I took part in was part of a Glossybox swaps and reviews group. The budget for this swap was £5. It was too hard not to go over budget as it is quite difficult to get a decent parcel together for that amount. I'm sure the budget will be upped for the next swap. :)

So... here is my beautiful box of goodies...

Here are a few pics of what was in my box....

Below - lovely Disney nail files and a Disney hair wrap. I've never had a proper hair wrap, one of my friends has got one and she loves hers!

Below - A konad stamping plate and stamper. I love this plate, I have so many things I want to do on my nails and one thing is definitely more stamping! :)

Below - three different sorts of eye shadow brushes. I am really getting into my make up at the moment and I like to experiment with eye shadows so these will be great!

Below - Nail wraps. I am quite excited to have these as it is something that I always look at but have never actually bought any to try so I am looking forward to using these.

Below - Mini Eggs :) say no more :)

Below - some sparkly silver earrings. I recently discovered that my ears are more suited to silver than gold. I have three earrings in each ear and I am terrible at losing them so these are perfect :)

Below - these two pretties made me smile. Revlon 'Princess' and a lovely bright pink from a brand called Filthy Gorgeous!

Lastly here is the lovely Easter card that was in with my parcel.

I found out who my secret Easter bunny was which was good as it was nice to be able to thank her.

Happy Easter!!

Thanks for reading.

George xx

Easter Swap #1

This Easter I have taken part in two "Easter swaps". The idea of these is that you have a name of someone you are to buy for and in return someone buys for you.

My first swap was done in the lovely Facebook group 'All Things Nails'.

A budget of £15 was set for this swap, however I think most of us ladies went over the budget :)

Here are my goodies that I received...

We all saved our swaps until today (Easter Sunday) and then shared our pictures of our swaps within the group on Facebook. Even though it was originally a 'secret' swap most of us put our names in cards or on the parcel with the return address. This way we could tag the person who sent our parcel and could thank them.

I am thrilled with the items I received.

I got 3 nails polishes off my 'wishlist'. The first is 'It's A Trap-eze' by China Glaze. It is a multi colour glitter with a white base. I love white based indie polishes and this reminds me of them, it's gorgeous!

The next polish is another China Glaze and it's from their Sea Goddess collection. It's called 'Seahorsin' Around' and is a lovely sparkly bright teal colour.

My third polish is my very first Zoya polish!! It is a Pixie dust and is called 'Stevie'. This is an appropriate first for me as my brothers name is Steve :) (I quite like funny little coincidences). It is a pinky/lilac colour with fine glitters.

Another nail treat in my parcel was this Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream.

It is a nice smooth consistency and smells really lemony. I will enjoy using this! I really need to get into a good routine with my cuticles so I will be keeping this handy and applying regularly.

And of course it wouldn't be Easter without a bit of chocolate! My lovely swapee included some yummy mini dairy milk eggs for me to munch :)

Hope you re all having a fab Easter.

George xx

Friday, 18 April 2014

Rimmel's Rita Ora Collection - Lose Your Lingerie

Saw these in the shop the other day and thought I would give one of them a whirl! I was quite pleasantly suprised :)

I'm not sure what made me choose this colour as I don't normally go for very pale colours, however this is a gorgeous colour!

The formula is really creamy and opaque. I love the Rimmel polish brushes, they are quite big and cover most of the nail in one stroke!

So Rita Ora Collection gets a big thumbs up from me!!

Thanks for reading :)

Which is your favourite Rita Ora shade??

George xx

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Glossybox April 2014

The theme of this months Glossybox is Sweet Treats. I'm never totally sure how the products and the theme link up but nevermind :)

so....first item is the Emite Make up lip brush. Obviously this is a full size item and is apparently worth £17!! I don't use a lip brush so I won't be using this. Are lip brushes good to use? Do they keep your lip stick on for longer? Please let me know your views.

Next up is a product by Monu. I quite like this brand, in a previous box we had some of their primer which I love. This product is a warming ginger massage and body oil. It is a 30ml bottle worth about £7.50. Full size is £25 for 100ml. I have to be honest this is another thing I won't use.

My third item is another one that I probably won't be using. It is the tiniest pot ever of an anti-ageing cream. It is called Radience plus by Unica Cosmetics. Full size is £12.95 for 50ml and it says it is 100% natural ingredients!

Next up is something I will use! which is nice :) It isn't the most exciting product but it is very useful. TRESemme dry shampoo. Even though it's not a full size one I was happy getting this. Full size would be £4.99 for 200ml. We got the travel size one (100ml). I used my first dry shampoo from a Glossybox and it has nearly ran out so this has come just in time.

Last but not least is the Me Me Me Cosmetics Beat The Blues. It is a highlighter which you can use on all of your features. I like this brand and use their lip tint (which I got from a Glossybox). I got this item in the colour pearl pink which is fine for my colour skin. It is a 12ml (full size) bottle and worth £5.50.

So all in all this is a good value box however I was a little disappointed with most of the products. What do you guys think??

Thanks for reading

George xx