Thursday, 22 August 2013

Review of my August 2013 GlossyBox, "High-flyers"

This was my second GlossyBox and I was again pleased with my products.

First up was an Emite Eyelash curler (worth approx. £20). This item more than paid for this months box. I haven't actually owned an Eyelash curler before so this was good and it's a good quality one. Product comes from Sweden.

Next was an Oceane make up remover pen. This is not available in the UK yet so is an exclusive product which is always nice. It comes from Brazil and the price is not known but I'm guessing it's worth around £10. This should come in handy for all those mascara mishaps :-)

My favourite product in my box was the Purity cleanser. My skin is sensitive so I have to be careful with what I use but this seems to be fine and it's definitely helped my skin clear up a little bit. Think I will definitely be investing in this product. This originates from the USA. The bottle size was 30ml so a good sample worth about £2.19.

In this box I had a Juicy Couture perfume sample from the USA. It is a tiny sample (approx. 95p worth) and the full size costs about £63 which is a bit pricey for me. However the sample is in a cute spray bottle and it does smell really nice, very fresh.

The last item was a Jelly Pong Pong eye liner/shadow crayon from the UK. Its a full size sample worth £10.50. I got a browny plum colour which suits me perfectly.

So yes all in all this was a good box :-) the overall cost of the box being around £44 so very good value for money!
Please feel free to leave your comments on which were you're favourite products from this month.

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