Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Where to find Bargain Polishes!

Recently I have managed to find myself some very good nail polish bargains!!!

My first bargain is the LA colours collection which I have talked about in a previous post. These are available in my local Harry Tuffins supermarket and are £1 each!! the nail polishes and nail stripers are both really good and a great price.

My next set of bargains were found at a car boot sale!! There was a lady with a stall selling make up and nail polishes. On the off chance a took a look at her stock and I found some China Glaze and Nina nail polishes. She was selling these for £2 a bottle! At first I thought maybe they were discontinued ones but I was mistaken as they are still in the collection. :-)

My final set of bargains were purchased at TK Maxx. I'm not very good usually when it comes to this shop as I find everything messy and hard to look through, however I spotted some nail polishes and when I investigated I found that they were top brands at cheap prices. I therefore treated myself to a Color Club box set and a Ciate limited edition foils set.

I don't know about you guys but I do love a bargain! Hope this post helps all you polish bargain hunters out there :-)

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