Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Stamping Success!

One form of nail art I have always found difficult is stamping! I have several konad plates but find the single images hard to place and the larger images aren't big enough to cover my nail.

Here are a couple of photos of my first attempts at stamping....

First is using a larger image and as you can see from my thumb the image misses the bottom and top of the nail.

Next is one where I tried to place some stars. It's not too bad but I added bits on to make it look better

After doing some research into stamping and reading tips on Facebook groups I bought myself a stamping plate from moyou London.

This particular plate uses a full image to house lots of stamping patterns. You can also get plates from them with single images on. The patterns on the plate are a good size and therefore cover the whole of my nail. It means I have to worry less about placing and get a pretty design with less difficulty.

Here is my first mani using this plate....

As you can see this was very successful and 100 times better than my first attempts with the other plates.

I am hoping to use my moyou plate for lots more manis. As they say practice makes perfect and hopefully on my next stamping post I will be able to offer some tips that I pick up on my stamping journey.


Thanks for reading

George xx

Find moyou plates at www.moyou.co.uk






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