Sunday, 29 March 2015

Introducing Brie....

So part of the reason that my blog has been a bit quieter recently is because of this little madam......

This is Brie my Cockapoo puppy. She is nearly six months old. We have just completed puppy training with her using our local classes. She has done really well and is a bit too clever for her own good!!
A lot of people are quite negative about puppy classes but we have found them quite beneficial. We made a good start on training ourselves but have gained some great advice and training techniques from Beverley who runs the puppy classes.

Brie is a really chilled out pup and we have been really lucky with her. Before getting her I did a lot of research into which breed of dog would suit us best and a Cockapoo ticked all the boxes. They are known at the moment as "designer dogs" and also some people are very negative about them as they are a cross breed, but if you have ever come into contact with one you will know they are gorgeous dogs!

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