Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Mystery Of OPI Blue Chips

The other day I went into my local Factory Shop to have a look for some polish bargains. They sell good brands at low prices. If you have one near you go take a look!

On this visit I picked up an OPI which was a really pretty blue with sparkle in it called 'Blue Chips'.



You can't see in the pics but it has a holo look to it in the sunshine.

As most polish addicts do I keep a record of my polishes to avoid buying dupes and to count them easier. Yes I have that many polishes.

I like to see which collections polishes come from so when listing this one I had a quick google of it to see what came up.

I found several blogs which covered this subject. These were, and

So.... It turns out that OPI 'blue chips' is a re-release of 'the flowers are blue-ming' from the 2012 ulta collection, 'too haute to handle'. It is still an official OPI polish and isn't a fake, it seems that the ones they have left over from collections (the over stock) they re-release under new names.

Thanks for reading :)

George xx


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  1. I bought this one too recently from a Factory Shop, it is such a pretty polish but it does dry very textured. You can see my pics of it on my blog if you are interested