Thursday, 14 August 2014

Review of Sally Hansen's Magnetic Polishes

I really like the effect you get from magnetic polishes. I have tried a few different brands but I have to say the best ones are these Sally Hansen ones.

So far I have (from left to right) 'Atomic Alloy', 'Silver Elements', 'Ionic Indigo', 'Red-Y-Response' and 'Kinetic Copper'.

Here are a couple of swatch pictures to show you how well they work....

First up is 'Kinetic Copper'

Below is a sunshine pic of 'Red-Y-Response' with a Barry M limited edition confetti glitter as the accent nail.

Here is my favourite, 'Silver Elements'

These polishes are also a great bargain as they can be purchased in Poundland stores :)

Thanks for reading

George xx

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