Sunday, 26 April 2015

Violet Rose Polish 'Spring Fling'

Today's polish I have to show you is another from Violet Rose Polish. It is from the spring collection and is called 'Spring Fling'.

Spring Fling is a pretty glitter topper. It is a mixture of small fine glitters, larger hexagon glitters, square glitters and strand glitters. These are in the colours of pink, purple, blue and yellow. The bottle also comes with a lovely purple flower ring.

I am a purple girl so I love this topper and ring! When swatching the polish I was pleasantly surprised by what colours I liked as a base. My initial thought was to try it on a lilac base so I used Seche 'Prim and Polished'.

The next base colour I tried was one from Rimmel's Rita Ora Collection called 'Lose Your Lingerie'. This is a lovely pale pink and really makes the yellow glitters pop.

The last base colour I tried was Revlon 'Sunshine Sparkle'. The topper looks so pretty on this base colour and is perfect for spring. I actually think this is my favourite look :)

I needed just two coats of Spring Fling and didn't need to do any fishing for glitters. I only experimented with these three base colours but it seems so versatile that I think it would go with other colours too! Find Spring Fling here!!

Thanks for reading :)

George xx

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  1. The nail polish is beautiful and so is the ring! :D