Saturday, 12 April 2014

Versatile Blogger Award

So a huge thank you to Tracey over at Bite No More for nominating me for this award.

So here are the rules :-

  •  Thank and link back to the lovely person who nominated you!

  •  Explain the rules and display the badge.

  •  Share seven facts about yourself.

  •  Nominate another 15 blogs, remember to comment on their blog letting them know they are nominated, and leave a link to your post.

  • This rule is optional, you can share the award logo on your sidebar and follow the person who nominated you.

Here are my seven facts.....

1. I used to be petrified of dogs but had Hypnotherapy and now I am fine with them (unless they are    huge lol)

2. I love nail polish and on the last count I owned 212 bottles!

3. I love Tattoos and have several including one sleeve :)

4. I am very arty, I love to paint, draw, make things etc.. I will pretty much have a go at doing anything!

5. I love Butterflies and the colour purple and am instantly drawn to anything with these things on!

6.  I am a shopaholic!!! I have vast collections of clothes, shoes, dvds, cds and loads more stuff!!

7.  I am a horror film fan but have become a bit of a chicken when watching them as iv got older lol.

Not the most exciting facts but a little insight into what I'm like :)

Here are the people I nominate!!

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