Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Swap #2

The second Easter Swap I took part in was part of a Glossybox swaps and reviews group. The budget for this swap was £5. It was too hard not to go over budget as it is quite difficult to get a decent parcel together for that amount. I'm sure the budget will be upped for the next swap. :)

So... here is my beautiful box of goodies...

Here are a few pics of what was in my box....

Below - lovely Disney nail files and a Disney hair wrap. I've never had a proper hair wrap, one of my friends has got one and she loves hers!

Below - A konad stamping plate and stamper. I love this plate, I have so many things I want to do on my nails and one thing is definitely more stamping! :)

Below - three different sorts of eye shadow brushes. I am really getting into my make up at the moment and I like to experiment with eye shadows so these will be great!

Below - Nail wraps. I am quite excited to have these as it is something that I always look at but have never actually bought any to try so I am looking forward to using these.

Below - Mini Eggs :) say no more :)

Below - some sparkly silver earrings. I recently discovered that my ears are more suited to silver than gold. I have three earrings in each ear and I am terrible at losing them so these are perfect :)

Below - these two pretties made me smile. Revlon 'Princess' and a lovely bright pink from a brand called Filthy Gorgeous!

Lastly here is the lovely Easter card that was in with my parcel.

I found out who my secret Easter bunny was which was good as it was nice to be able to thank her.

Happy Easter!!

Thanks for reading.

George xx


  1. That is such a cute idea!!! I want to play goodies swap with someone xx

  2. It has been great fun. are you involved in any facebook groups? xx