Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Fugly Nails!

This week in a nails group on Facebook it is 'Ugly Polish Theme Week'. I think most polish lovers will of at some point bought a polish which they put on their nails and thought "yuck"!! These polishes usually get pushed to the back of a drawer but this week we have bought them all out to show off their ugliness :)

My choice of polish for this week is....China Glaze - Trendsetter!

I bought this polish at a carboot sale for £2. I kept picking it up and putting it down but there was something about the colour that made me want to try it!

When you look at it in the bottle there is a shimmer to it and it almost looked like a gold colour but once on my nails it lost the shimmer and was a mustard colour. Below is a pic with normal top coat applied.

I tried several ways to make it prettier. First is with some nail art....

This didn't really help. I also tried it with a matte top coat....

This looks slightly better than a glossy look. Finally I added a holographic glitter topcoat because lets face it, glitter makes everything pretty!

I found this look the most wearable but still felt they were a little ugly :)

What do you think??

Thanks for reading.

George xx


  1. Wow, even with the glitter I'm not quite convinced by it! :P It does look pretty different from the bottle! xox

  2. I really like this polish (I know, I know, "you would") but it looks really nice matte and with the glitter here :D great blog post about beloved fuglies.

  3. I really don't think I could wear that! Haha the glitter and matte improve it but just not enough! Great post tho x

    1. Ha ha it is a very unique colour lol. Thankyou :) x