Monday, 7 April 2014

Bloggers do Spring better!

Welcome to my first post for the #bloggersdoitbetter challenge!! The first topic is Spring :)

The usual colours that you would associate with Spring are pastels. One of my favourite colour this Spring is yellow. The recent polishes I have brought have been different shades and effects of yellow, and for this post I have swatched them to show you :)

First up is a pastel yellow called 'Pale Yellow' by Barry M. This colour is on my thumb and little finger and is a normal polish with no added effect. I feel the colour yellow keeps your nails looking fresh and bright, perfect for Spring. :)

Next is a Rimmel London Sweetie Crush polish called 'Sherbert Sweetheart'. These are a new range by Rimmel and come in 5 pastel shades. I used to really like Rimmel polishes but then when I started buying higher end brands of polishes I stopped buying them. Their new collections however have caught my eye once more. This polish is such a pretty shade of yellow and is quite shimmery/sparkly. For me these are perfect polishes for Spring.

Models Own's new Speckled Eggs collection has caused quite a stir in the nail polish world. They are a very popular collection and the first that I myself bought all at once. The yellow shade in this collection is called 'Goose Yellow'. These all remind me so much of Cadbury's mini eggs so are definitely a must buy for Spring!! Only downside to these polishes is that as the speckles are like a glitter they are a bit of a bugger to get off....but well worth it :)

Last but not least is a Sugar Coat polish by Sally Hansen in the shade 'Sweetie'. I fell in love with these polishes as soon as I had swatched my first one. I was really lucky to find this shade in my local Pound land so it was a real bargain!

What are your favourite spring polishes?

Thanks for reading :)

George xx


  1. ooo the sugar coat reminds me of sandy beaches xx

  2. I have always tried finding a good yellow varnish, I find that they're never thick enough to achieve the full colour but that Barry M one looks amazing! Might have to invest for Spring!

  3. Sweetie Crush looks soo cute :)

  4. Those nail polishes are all gorgeous, and they actually all look really nice together at once like the way you have them :-) Love the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat!

  5. loving the colour, they look lovely the way you've put them together :)


  6. I would love to try the sugar coat! I will have to keep an eye out for it, I'm loving everything pastel at the moment too! 7

    Gemma xxx

  7. That manicure is perfect for Easter, I love it!

  8. I have nominated your awesome blog for the Versatile Blogger Award :)

  9. I really love Barry M's colour, so nice and bright and perfect! Sally Hensen is looking good... and the Model's Own egg one looked really cool. I've never been too much a fan of yellow nails but these look good! Looking forwards to seeing more of your posts in the challenge.

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