Sunday, 6 July 2014

Primark Nail Polish Twist Pot Review

I have been looking for one of these twist pots from Primark for ages so was very happy the other day when I finally found one :)

These are just £1 from Primark and are perfect for those of us who like to take polish off quickly without making too much mess.
All you have to do is pop your finger/thumb into the pot and twist. The pot has a pre-soaked sponge inside.
Below are pics of my nails before, during and after use.....


The nail polish I had on was a shimmery one so it did take a few twists to remove it but it still worked effectively. Not sure how long it will last for but I would definitely buy one again.

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  1. I have the bourjois one and its almost ran out. I need to be on the hunt for this one, xoxo.