Sunday, 9 March 2014

Ciate Competition Prize

I don't know about anybody else but I am always entering myself into competitions and giveaways! A few weeks ago I entered a Ciate one on Twitter. I had to give a description of why I liked a trio of their polishes. My answer was that they were colours which you could use either in the day time or for a night out. To my delight I won!!
I received this trio of polishes:

They are: Cutie Pie, Unrestricted Glam and Poppet.

Cutie Pie is a pale pink, it was very sheer on application and needed about three coats. After I had added a top coat it reminded me of one of the gel style polishes. It was sheer but at the same time wasnt.

Poppet is a pale purple colour and drys to a matt finish. This one only needed one coat! I did find that this one however chipped quite quickly so maybe I should of applied two coats for strength.

I used these two colours together:

Unrestricted Glam is black. It is quite sheer upon application of a first coat but soon becomes opaque with a second coat. I haven't worn black polish in ages but love how it stands out.

You can find Ciate polishes on their website and they have a great colour picker on there for you to play with.