Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Holowood by TarasTalons.

Holographic polishes are so pretty so I was really happy to be able to review this polish by TarasTalons. 'Holowood' is a silvery grey holographic polish. It is quite subtle therefore is a really good one for a daytime through to evening, adding glam in the day and shimmer for the night. I also really love the name of this polish :)

To begin with I tried 'Holowood' on top of Ciate 'Unrestricted Glam' which is a black polish.

For me this made it too dark so instead I put it over Ciate 'Cream Soda' which is a pale grey polish.
Here it is under a lightbox..

And here in the natural light..

Finally I swatched this polish alone and was pleasantly surprised by the result. You don't actually need a different colour underneath as this is what two coats of 'Holowood' looks like alone..
First under a lightbox then in the natural light...

I am hoping that these photos do the polish justice as I always find holographic polishes difficult to photograph and this one is so pretty.
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Thanks for reading :)


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