Monday, 10 March 2014

Stars By TarasTalons

I recently filled in a blogger form to review polishes for the lovely Tara at TarasTalons. To my delight I was accepted and so here is my first review.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this brand here is a bit of background information....

TarasTalons is the UK's longest trading handmade indie polish brand. Tara has recently expanded and opened 'The TaraEmporium'. This not only stocks TarasTalons nail polish but also nail art kits, jewellery, phone cases and lots more!
Find all of this here:

The first polish I have to show you is '#stars'

#stars is a really pretty shimmery teal colour packed with chunky stars, diamond and hexagon glitters as well as normal glitters. The diamond glitters are a silvery colour and the others are a dark teal. It's a really nice formula and is easy to apply. I didn't have to fish for glitters, however some people may like to have a bit of a fish so that they can place the glitter in a certain way.

I tried the polish on its own and over the top of other polishes. I found that the best colour to put underneath if any was teal itself. I tried it over a white base but the white was too harsh underneath it.

This is '#stars' over Barry M's 'Greenberry'.

This is '#stars' over ChinaGlaze 'Turned up Turquoise' (light box)

This is '#stars' over ChinaGlaze 'Turned up Turquoise' (sunlight)

This is '#stars' alone (light box)

This is '#stars' alone (sunlight)

To be honest you don't really need a base colour for this polish as it is really pretty on its own. The glitters are smoothed upon application of a top coat. The polish itself removes easily but the chunky glitters are a bit stubborn, this is a small sacrifice however for such a gorgeous polish. I just love how glittery and shimmery it is.

Huge Thankyou to The TaraEmporium for giving me this blogging opportunity.
Here are some more links for you to check out...

User name for Instagram, pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr is thetaraemporium

Thanks for reading :)

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