Tuesday, 4 March 2014

What is Indie Polish??

Although I have been painting my nails since a young age I am still quite new to 'Indie Polishes'. When I first heard this term I had to google it to find out what it meant. For those of you who are still in the dark about it here is a quick explanation:

Indie Polishes are nail polishes which are handmade by ladies just like me and you. There are an uncountable amount of indie brands out there and I am only just scratching the surface. A great place to buy indie polishes is from
This is run by a lovely lady called Annette who I met through Facebook.
You can also buy indie polishes from etsy and from the girls own web pages.

I have so far purchased 4 indie polishes for myself. The first 2 I brought directly from America as I had not discovered Rainbow Connection. Rainbow Connection stocks British Indies as well as ones from over seas!

These are 3 of my Indie polishes:

These are: Chivalry is dead (thermal) by Black Cat Lacquer, Rave by Jindie Nails and I lost my marbles by Polish Me Silly.

The above manicure was using Rave by Jindie nails.

This christmas manicure was done using Mistletoe Madness by Polish Me Silly. This is a Thermal polish which is basically a colour changing one. Thermal polishes are usually one colour when warm and another when cold.

Hope this was helpful for any nail newbies out there :-)

Thanks for reading xx

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