Sunday, 30 March 2014

Which Gel Effect Do You Prefer??

So recently several nail polish brands have brought out their own gel effect nail polishes. I have purchased polishes from three of these brands:

  • Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint
  • Models Own Hyper Gel
  • Avon Gel Effect

The bottles.... all three brand have kept their signature bottles for these polishes. Barry M have added a metallic silver lid to makes theirs stand out from their normal polishes as well as having 'Gelly hi-Shine' wrote on the front of the bottle. Models Own have also changed the lid slightly by adding the colour to the top in a bubble style. Avon have kept the lid the same, they have just added the 'Gel Finish' title onto the front of their bottle with a polish drop detail.

Colours.... All 3 brands have a desirable selection of colours including pastel and bright shades. Models Own has the least selection with only 10 shades in their collection at the moment. Barry M have 21 and Avon have 24.

Application.... My favourite to appy was definitely the Avon ones, they go on very smoothly. Barry M are very similar application to normal polishes and the Models Own ones can be a little bit gloopy but not difficult to apply.

Coverage.... The Avon ones that I tried all only really needed one coat (I personally prefer to do 2). This may not be the case with lighter colours but I am yet to find that out. Barry M and Models Own both required two coats to be opaque, again this was with darker colours, lighter colours may require an extra coat.

Verdict.... I love the look of all three brands of polishes when on my nails. I have to say that at the moment I am swaying towards the Avon ones being my favourite, then Models Own, then Barry M.

Swatch Pics....

Thanks for reading

Which is your favourite?

Georgina xx


  1. I love the Barry M ones too. I've yet to try either of the others. You didn't mention the price; are the Avon ones cheapest? I don't see how anyone can't like these, full coverage and high shine gets the thumbs up from me :-)

    1. Thanks for commenting :) the avon ones are on offer for £3.50 at the moment but will normally be £7 so are actually most expensive! Barry M's are around £3.99 and Models Own are £5 :)