Thursday, 19 June 2014

Birchbox June 2014

Hello and welcome to this month's Birchbox review :)

This month's Birchbox theme was 'Global Strikers' linking it in with the world cup.

The box itself is the normal colour but the little bag inside is the colours of Brazil.

The only product in my box which I won't be using is the Coola classic face sunscreen. I dont have a picture but you can see it here. It was a sample size that we received in the box.

The product I was most excited about was the mini OPI.

I think this one is called 'What's a Little Rainforest?' and is one of the Brazil Sands. It is a shimmery Teal colour and doesn't seem to match any of the normal Brazil collection. These minis are the cutest bottles ever :)

The Yves Rocher sheer botanical lipstick was another fab product out of this month's box. This is a full size product and they retail at an introductory price of £9.90. I got this in the shade 'Marron Glace'. I really love lipstick but usually find them too dark for my pale skin, these however are perfect, they are sheer so therefore the colour isn't too overpowering and they are also really moisturising.

Above is the original beauty blender. It is an egg shaped beauty sponge to ensure a flawless base. It also comes with a special soap to clean it with. This product is worth £26 which is pretty amazingg considering you pay £12.95 for the whole box!! I have tried this out and I love it, it is so easy to use and gives great results.

The final product in my box was the Claudie divine oil. This can be used on your body and face like a moisturiser and on your hair like Moroccan oil. I am yet to try this but I am looking forward to giving it a whirl.

As well as the beauty products they popped in a cute flip flop keyring which was a nice touch. There are picture of this and all of the other products on their website,

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  1. looks like a great box. I am always curious about birch as i get glossybox x

    1. I have liked my Birchboxes so far so hopefully they will continue to be good :) x