Wednesday, 4 June 2014

My Stash! - Part Five!

Welcome to the fifth installment of My Stash!!!
In this post I am going to introduce you all to my Models Own polishes :)

Without realising it I have gotten myself quite the collection....

I can't remember which I bought first but I have a feeling 'Pukka Purple' was one of them :) Next to 'Pukka Purple' there is 'Luis Lemon' and 'Toxic Apple'. 'Pukka Purple' is one of my favourite polishes and it was what I wore on my wedding day (pic below). These are all from the Ice Neons Collection.

Above is 'Bubblegum' and 'Fluro Orange', these aren't neons but they are fairly bright.

Next is 'Tropical Sun' from the Beetlejuice Collection, 'Golden Peach' from the Tropical Collection and 'Tangerine Queen', and I just remembered that 'Golden Peach' was my first one ever! 'Tangerine Queen' is another that's not a neon but is still pretty bright.

I have quite a few neutral Models Own polishes as I bought some in a set from the duty free on an aeroplane. Above is 'Vintage Pink', 'Nude Beige', 'Purple Grey' and 'Aqua Violet'. As you can see 'Aqua Violet' is quite shimmery with hints of blue and purple in it but it's not quite a blurple. It is from the Beetlejuice Collection.

 Above is 'Pinky Brown' (from the Beetlejuice Collection) which is another shimmery one and 'Red Alert' which is a gorgeous red creme. The black glittery one is 'Obsidian' and is from their Velvet Goth Collection, it is a matte glitter and the bottle lid is like a velvet material.

Here is 'Purple Haze' from the Glitter Collection. I really like this purple glitter but I find the colour rubs away quite quickly and leaves it silver. Next to it is one from the Splash Collection 'Golden Shore', which I bought to wear with 'Golden Peach', and 'Boogie Nights' from the Mirror Ball Collection.

The Speckled Eggs Collection (above) is the first collection that I bought in full. From left to right they are 'Dove Pink', 'Swan Lilac', 'Duck Blue', 'Magpie Green' and 'Goose Yellow'. I love these polishes!

Below is the beginning (I say beginning as I expect I will end up buying more) of my Models Own Hyper Gels Collection. My favourite is the first one you see which is 'Blue Glint'. Then from left to right they are 'Cornflower Gleam', 'Red Lustre', 'Naked Glow', 'Cerise Shine' and 'Pink Veneer'.

The last of my Models Own polishes to show you are my Polish For Tans Collection. I only have four at the moment as I couldn't get my hands on the fifth. The ones I have are 'Flip Flop' (green), 'Bikini' (yellow), 'Beach Bag' (peach), and 'Sun Hat' (pink).

A lot of people have been intrigued with the difference between the Ice Neons and Polish For Tans. You can see my review of the yellow shades here!!

Thanks For Reading :)

George xx

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  1. I think I might have to have a go at swatching my entire stash. I have loads of untrieds I am dying to get swatching but I just dont have the time. I think I might have to though. After going through my helmer just now there are loads that need to see the light of day :)