Monday, 23 June 2014

My Stash! - Part Six! (Bloggers do collections better)

This weeks #bloggersdoitbetter challenge is 'collections' so here  is part six of my stash, my Ciate collection....

I love the Ciate nail polishes. They are nice formulas and the bottles are so cute :)


The above four are my most recent Ciate purchases. They are 'Mango Martini' from the Suncatcher Collection, 'Kaftan' from the Bottled Sunshine Collection, 'Show Girl' from the Passionista Collection, and 'Mojito'. I had been eyeing 'Kaftan' up for a while so jumped at the chance to buy it when they were on sale.

The first polish you see above is 'Serendipity' and it was in window 24 of my Ciate mini mani month. It hasn't got a bow on it which I presume is because it was in the calendar. Next to it is 'Shaken Not Stirred' which is a metallic pinky purple colour. 

The next three are 'Unrestricted Glam' which came in a set of three that I won in a Ciate competition, 'Island Hopping' which is from the Bottled Sunshine collection, and 'Cream Soda' from the Spring Sundae collection.

Above are the other two of the polishes which I won along with 'Unrestricted Glam'. They are 'Poppet' (lilac) from the Dolls House Collection and 'Cutie Pie' (pink). I find that some of the Ciate polishes look like they are a gel effect, 'Cutie Pie' is like this but it is quite sheer.

The last three of my full size Ciate polishes are 'Confetti' which a fab silver glitter, 'The Hamptons' which is a teal glitter with gold hexagons in and 'Monte Carlo' which is a mainly blue glitter but it also has pink and silver mixed in. 'The Hamptons' and 'Monte Carlo' are from the Destination Party collection.

Now onto the minis.....

The top two above are 'Pepperminty' (green) and 'Ivory Queen' and the bottom two are ''Sugar Plum' (purple) and 'Members Only'. 'Ivory Queen' and 'Members Only' look very similar in the bottle but they are different when swatched. 'Members Only' is very sheer and 'Ivory Queen' is more creamy. They both have a little shimmer to them.

Most of my Minis I got from the Mini Mani Month 2013 which is an advent calendar. Even though they all came with this some of them are also from other collections. I have three mini caviar beads and two loose glitters as you can see above. The caviars are 'Cloud Nine' which are red and lilac, 'Frost Yourself' which are blue and creme and 'Christmas Tree Caviar' which are red, green and beige. The glitters are 'Jingle Belle' which is the bottom one. This is a fine peach glitter with and iridescent shimmer to it. The other is 'Miss Mistletoe' which is a red and gold sequin glitter.

Above are the two glitter polishes, 'Snow Globe' (clear/iridescent) and ''Party Shoes' (gold). Below them is 'Fit For A Queen' which is a lovely metallic silver and 'Pillow fight' which is a grey colour.

Next up is 'Play Date' (top left) and 'Ferris Wheel' (top right), 'Kiss Chase' (bottom left) and 'Boudoir' (bottom right). Boudoir is a gorgeous bright but deep red.

The last three minis from left to right are 'Hopscotch', 'Amazing Gracie' and 'Encore!'. Even though 'Hopscotch' and 'Encore!' look similar in the picture 'Hopscotch' is alot brighter.

So that's 36 Ciate's in total currently in my collection, I'm sure however that this number will keep growing :)

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  1. Ciate has some lovely colours

  2. I haven't tried any Ciate yet, but the colours there look beautiful :) And I have seen quite a few other bloggers using them as well, so they must be good quality. Nice collection, and thank you for sharing ^.^

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