Monday, 2 June 2014

Bloggers Do Sunshine Better!

When I received the 5th topic for the #bloggersdoitbetter challenge I was a bit stumped but after some thought I decided to concentrate on the colour of sunshine....

Models Own Polish for Tans in Bikini VS Models Own Ice Neon in Luis Lemon.

I painted every other nail in Bikini and the others in Luis Lemon. On my right hand I painted them on top of a clear base coat and on my left hand I put them on top of a white base coat. I also took pics in a couple of different lights.

Right hand first....

On my thumb, middle and pinky finger is Bikini from the Polishes for Tans collection and the other two are Luis Lemon from the Ice Neons. As you can see when painted onto a clear base Bikini is the brighter of the two. When I first bought the Ice Neons I thought they were bright but up against the Polishes for Tans they look quite dull. Bikini is more of a pastel shade and the polish is very creamy.

So now onto my left hand....

This time Luis Lemon is on my thumb, middle and pinky fingers and Bikini is on the other two. Using a white base makes Luis Lemon almost as bright as Bikini. I still prefer the shade of Bikini and as you can see you don't really need to use a white base with it.

In the sunlight they almost look the same with a white undie :)

so in conclusion....

Luis Lemon (above) can be used as a bright or a subtle neon, however it is quite sheer.

Bikini is very bright so it's not for the faint hearted ;) The formula is creamy but can be a bit gloopy.

My personal favourite is Bikini.

Thankyou for reading.
George xx


  1. I bought the pinks and corals shades of this range as I just did not think i could pull that yellow off. But you have done it beautifully.