Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Bargain of the Century!!!

On bank holiday Monday's there is always a car boot sale that is held in the town where I live. There is sometimes a lady there with a makeup stall. She has a lot of things which are from old collections or things that have been discontinued (this includes nail polish, lipsticks, eye shadow etc..). A few months back I got a few bargain polishes from her such as some China Glaze's for £2 each! When I went yesterday I had an extremely lucky few finds and thought I would share them with you all :)

All of the polishes I bought were £1 each! First up is one that I was very excited about, OPI's Original Nail Envy!! I had to look twice as I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted this one. This still retails on the Boots website for £18.65! Next to it you can see 'Pink Passion' by Nina. I discovered this brand at a car boot and then afterwards saw it in my local Sally's! I really like the brushes in the Nina polishes as they are big and cover the nail well! This particular one retails for £3.00.

Next up we have two polishes by Nails Inc. One of them is the Kensington Caviar topcoat. This retails at £12. My husband actually spotted this one. He didn't realise what a good find it was until I said but he recognised the name :) he was very pleased with himself after this :) On it's left is 'Bolton's Place'. I found this retailing at £5.

Below is yet another well known brand (Seche). These are both gorgeous colours, especially the pink. It has a purple shimmer to it so I called it a plurple colour (rather than blurple). The names of these are 'Prim & Polished' and 'Magnifique', they retail at £8.49 each.

The next two I think are quite old polishes. The Nicole by OPI is part of 'the one less lonely girl' collection (Justin Bieber) and it is called 'Studio Mama'. I really love this colour. It is creamy but I must say it took 3 coats to make it opaque. I couldn't find this one online but I saw that the Nicole polishes retail at £7.99. The L'oreal one is called 'Gun Metal Silver'. This one I found retailing at £3.99, it is a very fine pretty silvery gold glitter.

Last but not least is this bottle which had no label on it. There is a sticker on the bottom but that hasn't got any details on, only a batch number so I have no idea what brand it is. The stall lady threw this one in for free as she didn't know what brand it was either :) This colour looks so gorgeous in the bottle but it is really sheer. When I swatched it on my colour wheel it made me think of the new OPI sheer tints. I would be a good one to put over another colour but think it would look very wishy washy on it's own.

So to sum up I paid £8.00 for all of these polishes where I should of paid approximately £67.61. This makes a saving of £59.61!!
What a Bargain! I really couldn't believe my luck! 

What are your best bargains?

Thanks for reading.
George xx

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