Thursday, 15 May 2014

My Stash - Part Two!!

Welcome to part two of My Stash!! Today I am going to share with you my Essie and Nails Inc polishes. First up, Nails Inc!

I currently own five Nails Inc polishes, two of which were from magazines :)

The first polish is one I have had for years called 'Victoria'. It is a very deep red colour and I got this free in a magazine but can't remember which one lol. Next is another magazine freebie but a more recent one. 'Copacabana Coral' was in the recent Instyle magazine. I chose this one as I already had colours which were similar to the ones in the magazine.

In the middle is 'Orchard Street' which is a shimmery burgundy and next to that is 'Regents Palace' which is a shimmery purple. These were both TK Maxx bargains. The final one is 'Boltons Place' which is a shimmery (yes I seem to like shimmer) nude. This one was £1 at a carboot, so I actually haven't paid full price for any of my Nails Inc's :) for my Essie's, I have 13 Essie polishes, 3 of these are mini's!

The above pic is of my three minis. They are from the Winter 2013 collection. I have 'Shearling Darling', 'Toggle to the Top' and 'Parka Perfect'. Particularly like 'Parka Perfect' as my surname is Parker :) (little things..).

Above we have a Snakeskin magnetic called 'Snake It Up'. I'm not very impressed with the actual magnet but the colour is nice. Then there is 'Lots of Lux' and 'A Stroke of Brilliance'. These are both part of the LuxEffects collection but 'Lots of Lux' is now also part of the Encrusted Treasures collection. The last one is 'Cashmere Bathrobe' from the For the Twill of it collection 2013. I ordered this one offline and was worried it was a fake as the lid and brush were different but apparently that is because it was from a salon rather than a shop. I'm still not 100% convinced!

Next is 'For the Twill of it' from the collection of the same name. This is a green monochrome, you can kind of see this in the pic. Next to it is 'Go Overboard'.

Last but not least we have 'Twin Sweater Set' from the Winter 2013 collection, 'Pink Diamond' (very pretty), 'Sugar Daddy' (very pale pink) and 'Nice is Nice'.

Stay tuned for part 3....

Thanks for reading 

George xx

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  1. Essie polishes along with Barry M are favourites ever.