Monday, 19 May 2014

Bloggers Do Trends Better!

Hello and welcome to my third post of the #bloggersdoitbetter challenge :)

This fortnights theme is 'Trends'. Recently nail art and nail polishes have become extremely popular. There are endless possibilities to nail art so instead of focusing on these I decided to do a post about nail shape trends.

At one point in time most people's nails would be a normal rounded off shape, as were mine (pic below).

There are now however several shapes that are popular in the world of nails. The main ones are:

I have been lucky enough to find some lovely ladies who were willing to let me use pics of their nails to show you how some of these styles look.

First up we have Rounded. This is what most people would have as it is, on most people, their 'natural' nail shape. Below are some beautiful rounded nails which belong to the lovely Helen, and below that are my own nails :)

Next up are some examples of Squared nails. These were kindly sent to me by Bethany (red nails), the water marbling queen Tracey (second pic) and Sarah (third pic).

Squoval nails are square nails with the corners rounded off. I find it hard to say whether nails are square or squoval but hopefully I have chosen two good but different examples. First up we have Caroline's nails and below her is Charlotte's pic.

The last nail shape is Stiletto. This is becoming more and more popular and is one that I haven't tried. The lovely Sioux sent me a pic of her Stiletto nails (with pink tips).

Which is your favourite nail shape trend?

Thanks for reading

George xx

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  1. My favourite shape is squared, I dont really like the stiletto ones.