Thursday, 22 May 2014

My Stash - Part Three!!

Hello everyone :) here is the third installment of my stash!!

To start off we have Rimmel.....

I don't always buy whole collections as sometimes I either don't like some of the colours or already have polishes which are the same colour, however I did buy all of the Sweetie Crush collection. They are just so pretty and different to anything else I have got.

From left to right they are, 'Violet Swizzle', 'Candyfloss Cutie', 'Sherbert Sweetheart', 'Fizzy Applelicious' and 'Blueberry Whizz'. If you like a bit of sparkle I would really recommend you try these.

In this next pic you can see two of the Rita Ora collection. I chose these particular ones because I don't have many pale colours and these looked really creamy. They are 'Lose Your Lingerie' (pink) and 'Breakfast in Bed' (green). The other two polishes are just normal 60 seconds ones. These are 'Coralicious' which is a gorgeous coral colour (I always get complimented on my nail colour when I wear this) and 'Blue me Away' which is a blurple! I have had most of my Rimmel polishes for years which you can tell by the amount of polish that has gone out of the bottles :)

Some more 60 seconds polishes (below), 'Sunrise' (shimmery peach), 'Green with Envy' (gorgeous teal, as you can see the bottle is half empty), 'Portobello Pink' (one of my favourite baby pinks) and 'Pompous' (sparkly deep purple). I used to have a lot more Rimmels but my sister in law inherited them from me when I started purchasing a variety of different brands.

Below is Rimmel 60 seconds in 'Shocker', my I love Lasting Finish in 'Your Majesty' and my Rimmel pro in 'Hot Gossip'. Hot Gossip is a shimmery red and it has the large brush which I love!!

Next up we have Seche. I only have three Seche polishes, although I also have the Seche Vite top coat which I love! The colours I have are (left to right) 'Prim & Polished', 'Magnifique' and 'Empress'. 'Magnifique' has a purple shimmer to it which you can just about make out on the photo and 'Empress' is a very dark purple. Two of these cost me a pound each at a carboot and the other (Empress) was out of my Glossybox. :)

For the final part of this post we have my Color Club polishes. I have two collections which I bought from TK Maxx. 'Molten Metals' (below) and 'Backstage Pass'. The Molten Metals collection consists of 'Perfect Molten' (green), ''Lumin-icecent' (light blue), 'Cold Metal' (dark blue) 'Hot Like Lava' (dark pink), 'Foil Me Once' (light pink) and last but not least 'Antiquated' (bronze). These are a lovely set of shimmery metallic polishes however the old collections you get in TK Maxx don't have the polish names on the bottles so I had to do some research and put the names on the bottom myself!

The Backstage Pass (all glitters) collection consists of 'Platinum Record' (silver), 'Backstage Pass' (pink and silver), 'It's a Hit' (purple), 'Fame and Fortune' (pink), 'Wish Upon A Rockstar' (multicoloured), and 'Take the Stage' (gold). I like this collection apart from 'Fame and Fortune'. The glitter in this one all sinks to the bottom and you are left with a pink liquid at the top, it just doesn't look attractive. It is the third bottle from the right on the pic below.

My last full size Color Club is my first ever holo :) 'Harp On It' is a beautiful silver holographic polish. I will definitely be investing in more holographic polishes :)

Recently Color Club have changed their logo and bottle designs. I'm not totally sure why as I quite liked the old ones. Anyway I have managed to get my hands on a mini called 'Heirloom Pearls', it is a pearly (hence the name) off white.

I uploaded this next pic so that you can see why I called it a mini and also so you can see the change in logo and bottle design.

So there are a few more of my polishes. I have quite a stash so there are a lot more of these posts to come. Hope you are all enjoying reading them.

George xx

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  1. You have some beautiful polishes.