Sunday, 25 May 2014

First Experience With Nail Bows

Thought I would do a nice light hearted post for a Sunday afternoon and let you all have a giggle at my first experience with Nail Bows......

A few months ago I bought some little bow gems from poundland....

Seems as I was going to a Wedding this weekend I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try them out. I chose to use some black ones (not shown in above picture). My outfit was black and white so I did all of my fingers in a black, white and silver animal print pattern apart from my two middle fingers. I painted these silver and then put a holographic glitter over them. These were the fingers I had decided to put the bows on.

To ensure the bows stayed on I decided to use nail glue....

I put a blob of glue on the first finger and popped the bow on. It went on easily and I just moved it slightly to ensure it was straight, and then put some more glue around the base of the bow. I then went onto the second finger. This was when the fun started. I put a blob of glue onto the nail but found it was a bit too much so without thinking I wiped a bit of it off with another finger.... I then managed to get it onto the back of my hand and on the tips of some other fingers. Meanwhile I'm still trying to put the bow on. This is quite difficult when your fingers are getting stuck to the bow and to each other :)

Finally I got the bow in position and again put extra glue around the base. I had left putting the bows on til just before we were due to leave. Whilst sat waiting for our lift (and the glue to dry) I discovered that my skin had gone hard where I had got glue on it. It was all down one of my fingers and onto the back of my hand!! I couldn't leave like this so 5 mins before our lift was due I had my hubby wiping glue off my hands using acetone lol.

Anyway, despite me being a messy bugger I was pleased with the result and the bows lasted all day and night :)

I am now sat trying to get the copious amounts of glue and the bows off my middles fingers :)

Thanks for reading.

George xx

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  1. This looke so cute!I may have to give these a whirl although im awful with my nails x