Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Art To Water Marbling Nails.

I have always been a fan of nail art but it's only been in the last year or so that my eyes have been opened to just how many amazing techniques there are. One of the most difficult techniques (and I'm sure you would all agree) is Water Marbling.
Here is one of my attempts...

See my very first attempt here.

I am very lucky to know a lady who is pretty much an expert at this technique. Her name is Tracey Bellew and she has just finished writing her own book called "The Art To Water Marbling". It has not been published but Tracey has been making her own copies for people and I bought mine directly from her. 

In her book Tracey gives the background of Water Marbling and an introduction to how it works. She then gives in depth explanations on the technique, what tools to use, what polishes to use, and how many drops to use. The book is filled with step by step pictures and pictures of what the finished designs look like.

Here are a few of Tracey's designs.....

As you can see all of her designs are gorgeous.
Please go and check out Tracey's Blog and Facebook Page

Thanks for reading.

George xx


  1. Awesome first water marble and I'm so happy my book helped you to create a wonderful manicure :) Thank you so much for a great review and sharing some of my nails too xx

    1. Ah no worries. your book is fab. you really should send it off to some publishers! xx