Saturday, 10 May 2014

My Stash! - Part One...

Welcome to the first post of many! Before you read on please be aware that this series of posts will be pic heavy!! :)

Quick intro... My lovely Dad has made me two beautiful racks to store my nail polish in (below), from seeing these people have asked me to show my stash so I thought this would be a good way to do it :)

For part one I am going to be sharing with you my Barry M collection.....

I currently have 38 polishes by Barry M. 
Lets start at the top.....

Above you can see my two magnetic effect polishes, 'Magnetic Burgundy' and 'Magnetic Blue'. The magnets come off so you can swap and change magnet designs between all of your magnetic polishes. Next to them are my crackle effect polishes. I have dark purple, black, white and pink. The black bottle is different as it was from when they first brought them out and they have since changed the bottle design.

Above are my Confetti nail effects. 'Dolly Mixture' (mix of pastel colours), 'Sour Apple' (mix of yellow and a turquoise green), 'Bubblegum' (mix of white and a bright pale blue) and 'Liquorice' (mix of black and white). These are some of my favourite nail effects.

First up on the above row is a textured nail effect called 'Lady' (this is currently an untried), then we have 'Chameleon Lilac' which is a colour change polish (changes to a different colour when clear polish is applied), next is a limited edition from Boots. It is a confetti effects style polish in bright sparkly colours (mainly a redish pink), the next three are all glitters, plain 'Glitter', 'Gold' and 'Magenta'.

Above are another four glitters, 'Aqua', 'Red', 'Blue' (which I swear has faded) and 'Green'. Then we have 'Gold' (shimmery) and 'Pale Yellow' (normal nail paint).

Above are some normal nail paints starting with 'Chocolate Brown'. Then there is 'Berry Ice Cream', 'Pale Blue', 'Cobalt Blue' and 'Grey'.

Above are my Gelly's! I love the shiny silver tops on these :) The colours I have are 'Green Berry', 'Plum', 'Blue Grape', 'Satsuma' and 'Prickly Pear'.

On this last row there is Superdrugs 50th Birthday polish and a limited edition from Boots. I'm not sure what this was for, it's polish number 024, if anyone remembers this please let me know. We then have my four from the Aquarium collection. These are 'Mermaid', 'Pacific', 'Mediterranean', and 'Caspian'. I really love these colours.

My two favourite Barry M's have to be 'Gold' and 'Gold Glitter', they just look so pretty and the gold glitter is so sparkly in sunlight. 

Stay tuned for part two coming soon.....

Thanks for reading

George xx


  1. Once I move, I will have a tonne of these up on my office wall :) I've only got room for a small one of these at the moment but that will all change soon!! :) Love your collection too !

    1. Thanks :) This is in a corner of my bedroom, unfortunately I don't have a room I can dedicate to my art and beauty but I would love one!