Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Sparkly Nails Water Decals Review.

Hi all!! I love trying new products and blogging about them! I really want to get into doing some regular reviewing for nail products so I put myself forward to do a review for Sparkly nails, they kindly accepted and sent me these lovely Geisha water decals.

This was my first time using this sort of thing. I thought they were going to be really tricky to use but they were actually really easy and gave a professional smooth finish (much better than normal nail stickers). These particular ones have a selection of 15 decals on the sheet. You get one sheet in a pack and they cost £1.65 so very inexpensive. You can find the Geisha's here.

Some of the designs on the sheet are the same but facing different ways so that they can face the same way on each nail on the opposite hand. I used a light colour for a base because with a dark colour beneath these you would loose some of the detail as they are slightly transparent.

I chose to use the decals on my thumbs and ring fingers as accent nails. I feel that this gave the mani a sophisticated look.

To put the decals on you need to cut the one that you want to use out, take off the clear overlay and using tweezers dip the decal into water for 15 - 20 seconds (the instructions do come on the pack). You then take the decal out of the water and,using your finger, gently slide the decal from the backing. You can then place it onto your nail. 

I was a little bit worried that I would tear the decals whilst putting them on but they are surprisingly strong. Before putting them on ensure your base polish is totally dry otherwise you may smudge or put a mark in it. 
When your decal is in place smooth it down onto your nail, dab dry and apply a quick drying top coat.

Sparkly nails have some fab water decals on their website as well as everything you could possibly want to create beautiful nail art. They also have nail tutorials, competitions, nail news and a gallery. Check out their website here!

Thanks for reading.

George xx



  1. I love these! I've never used water decals myself, but think I should get round to giving them a go!

  2. I do love a water decal and love Sparkly Nails! I've set up a water decals facebook page if you would like to join and add your fab photos!

  3. These are the coolest things! And so cheap. I'm surprised at how easy they were to put on and how well they looked!
    I'm having a giveaway over on my blog if you'd like to check it out!
    Katie xxx
    Too Many Freckles

    1. Yeh I was suprised at how easy to use they were :) Thanks I will go have a look :) xx